Gail Shuster

February 1946
November 2023


My mother, Gail, was a loving wife, mother, and grandmother. She was married to my dad, Jerry, for 46 before his passing in 2013. When I had twins in 2001, she and my dad sold their house, retired, and moved a mile from us so that she could care for them when I had to go back to work. She did that for three years. I have a brother in Portland, Oregon who, together with his wife, has two lovely college-aged boys. My mom didn't know them well, but she was proud of them. When I was growing up, she wore many hats: PTA president, school board member, and school employees union president. She stood by her family always She was my best friend and I can't even process how much I'll miss her.

Friends & Family

Husband (died in 2013) Gerald Shuster; Daughter: Lisa Shnairson; Son-in-law: Daniel Shnairson; Granddaughter: Emma Shnairson; Grandson: Joel Shnairson; Son: Dave Shuster; Daughter-in-law: Kelli Shuster; Grandsons: Nate and Ian Shuster; Brother: Norman Mendel; Sister: Sharon Skootsky

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