George Bennett

May 1938
July 2023


History of a Great Man Born in Birmingham, Alabama, George was the son of Leslie Webster and Georgia Merriweather Bennett. He was a force to behold, from pushing the limits in every situation, a prankster throughout his school career, oh, and throughout his life, and his uncanny ability to see beyond the obvious. George graduated from Phillips High School and worked for a division of U.S. Steel. Always the patriot, he was also a U. S. Navy reservist. Music was a second language for George his entire life. He was Mister of Music at several churches and was always called on to lead the singing at family and civic functions. George was a Sunday School teacher, a youth director at one church, served as a Deacon at several churches and Minister of Music at three churches. He moved his family to Huntsville, Alabama where he worked at George C. Marshal Space Center on the Saturn V program, helping to design the propulsion system and later on the design team of the Lunar Rover. That design included the apparatus carrying the tools that were used to study the surface of the moon. After several years of encouragement from Jeanett, his wife, they moved to Tuscaloosa, Alabama where after four years, graduated from the University of Alabama with his degree in Mechanical Engineering. Future moves included Memphis, Tennessee where he worked for DuPont and then to Jackson, Tennessee where he worked for Conalco, an aluminum manufacturing company. In 1972, he opened Bennett Construction Company and quickly added Property Rentals Co. He worked hard and played hard and was always involved in more than just work. George served on the board of the Jackson Boys Club. He juggled so many situations that were of great importance but he was a family man to the core. He traveled the world with Jeanett, yet he was always in attendance at his three girls events - games, plays, recitals, concerts, etc. His love and devotion to his family and faith were top ppriorities After 65 years of love and devotion, he is survived by Jeanett, his daughters Tammy (John Dvorski), Stephanie (Austin Devaney), and Shannon (Todd Rawson); eight grandchildren and one great-grandson. Our loss but heaven’s gain.

Friends & Family

Jeanett Bennett, Tammy Bennett Dvorski, John Dvorski, Alex Dvorski, Stephanie Bennett Devaney, Austin Devaney, Dial Devaney, Georgia Devaney, Shannon Bennett Rawson, Todd Rawson, Zachary Rawson, Dale Rawson, Charlie Rawson, Braden Rawson, Mica Rawson, Kyree Rawson, Talia Rawson, Mira Grace Rawson.

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