Glen Aaron

May 1965
May 2022


Glen was born 5/4/65 and left this earth 5/12/22 to be with his mother Donna, father Tommy, brother Mike, sister Elizabeth, and paternal and maternal grandparents. Glen left behind a Sister Sherri, a sister Millie, a sister Sharron, a brother Ricky, and many nieces and nephews. He passed away with family at his side. We will always have the memory of the smile on Glen's face as he took his last breath. We believe he was very happy at that time seeing everyone waiting to welcome him to his new home in the sky. The choice to donate his body was the easiest choice for us and his siblings to make. Glen is the second brother we have lost to cancer and if anything can be learned to help someone else that makes his death easier to take. Glen was a fighter, he did not give into his cancer easy, he fought a hard fight until the end. We were blessed to have 2 very good hospices to help with this journey. Beyond Faith Hospice took great care of him and he loved his nurses. Then we felt Glen needed more of a inpatient hospice setting and was moved to Hospice of Wichita Falls Center. Our family would not know how we would have got through this without both of these organizations.

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