Glenda Winfield

April 1953
December 2024


Glenda Vernelle Winfield was such a bright, fun-loving light in this world. Never for a moment did I ever imagine that I would be writing a tribute to her life. Because we were twins, we always thought that we would leave this world together, as we entered it. I can hardly bear this loss, because I am without her now. Glenda was my loving twin sister, lifesaver, gifted writer, artist, and singer, and my very own guardian angel. And she was a mystic. Intuitively wise like our mother, she could anticipate issues in my life before I could, even when we lived apart. She could sense my fear or worries, and she’d physically feel my pains in her own body. And she would carry those pains for the rest of her life. She just knew me inside-out. And when I (or the world) needed her, she was there, no questions asked. During her lifetime, Glenda gave so much of herself to me, to those she worked with, and to others, donating when and whenever she could, sitting bedside with children in hospitals, caring for the dying; the list goes on. Even when she was ill, she never stopped looking out for me, even at the very end of her life. She taught me what real love is in this world, and she is still teaching me. Yes, we argued from time to time, but she always had my back, and I hers. A friend once told me, “Did you know that your sister is an angel?” Yes, I did. I miss Glenda beyond words, beyond time and space, because she was and will always be the deepest part of me. I love you, sis, and I will never stop calling out for you. Please don’t forget me. Brenda

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