Gunter Hortz

February 1941
March 2024


Gunter Erik Hortz, my beloved darling husband, was handsome, witty, funny, eccentric, and loads of fun. He would especially love the "handsome". His favorite expression was, "I was born in the midst of hell." He grew up in war torn Hamburg, Germany, a chaotic and deprived environment. Food was scarce; bombed out buildings were par for the course; and survival was the theme of the day. Countering the grim landscape, he became a lifelong painter dedicated to creating and promoting beauty. Erik's second major trauma was Vietnam when he was nineteen. He was severely wounded; lost a rib,; and spent eight weeks recuperating from surgery. He fought his return to Vietnam and won in court. Such was his indomitable spirit that he sued the government. Despite such major traumas, Erik developed as a positive, resourceful person. He was creative and flexible in many areas of his life. His wicked sense of humor always helped. I met Erik late in life. We had both lost long term spouses. We met in 2007 and married in 2009. I am grateful for all that time we had. Erik was never easy but always rewarding. I miss him terribly. There is an empty hole in my heart. Gunter Erik Hortz, unique survivor, fighter, and creator. Requiem in pace.

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