Herdis Smith

December 1953
March 2023


Our mama, what's not to say? She was pretty amazing just the sweetest lady you would have ever met—a lover of all things furry and nature. Our mother fought a long hard battle and we are so grateful she did it gave us 6 extra years with her. Our mother was born in Germany and came to the US with her family at a very young age and had 2 amazing children whom she was so very proud of. With the loss of our mother comes a giant void but we know her legacy will live on through science care we are so very grateful to them.

Friends & Family

Son: Jayson Artinger; Daughter: Mindy Ellinger; Grandchildren: Stefani Artinger, Gwen Artinger, Colby Artinger, Warren Artinger, Joshua Artinger, Keith Steckler, Jacob Artinger, Sookie Artinger

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