Ilona Davis

November 1947
June 2024


As the night ends, and this new beautiful day begins It saddens me to my core to have to announce the passing of the greatest woman I've ever known in my entire life, my mom 😥. RIP Ilona Theresa Horvath Davis. She was not only the best woman I've ever known but she was hands down the best person I've ever known and probably ever will know. I couldn't have been blessed with a better mom in this lifetime. She was the kind of mom that you read about in stories or see in movies as an example mom. A mother hen. She was unwaveringly kind, gentle, and caring. She gave me and my brother the greatest childhoods we could ever imagine, She taught me everything that I know. She made me the man that I am today. I was always really close with my mom, We had falling outs over the years, But we never held grudges with each other. And if we did they didn't last long. I can only hope that I was a decent son in her eyes. I like to think that I wasn't a complete disappointment. She was proud of me in the end, and she praised me for my accomplishments. I'm grateful to my mom for raising me and never giving up on me. Some kids don't have that luxury growing up, they get tossed around, their lives get shattered due to divorce, and things like that. Some kids suffer the fate of living their lives in foster homes. Some people are abandoned by their mother early in life so they never get to know her. I'm glad that I knew my mom and was close with her. God bless her soul, and may she walk with the angels in God's kingdom now. If you were fortunate enough to know her in this lifetime then please keep her in thought and prayer, and in your heart. Her memory and legacy lives on through us now. Goodbye mom. I loved every single moment I've ever had with you and I miss you. Somehow, if and when I make it to heaven someday at the end of my life, I will find you somehow, and I will hold your loving hand again. RIP Ilona Theresa Horvath Davis. Mother, wife, sister, friend, an inspiration to all of us. Her light shined so bright in this world that it was blinding. You will always be remembered, loved and honored amongst family and friends alike. ❤️RIP: Ilona Theresa Horvath Davis, November 25, 1947 -- June 14, 2024 ❤️ About my mom: Ilona Horvath entered this world on November 25, 1947 (Thanksgiving Day). In Long Island, NY. She was one of the youngest siblings of a large family, and her endearing love was most strong between her brothers (Howard, Tom and Joe) she also had a very special bond amongst her sisters, especially her older sister Ann. She always looked up to and respected her father who became a true inspiration for her throughout her whole life. Mom was an avid fan of music. Especially the sounds of the late and great Elvis Presley. Also such classic artists like Neil Diamond, Cher, Barbara Streisand and many others. She loved classic piano, violin and many other forms of music from the golden era's. *She was a Registered Nurse for over 45 years.

Friends & Family

Gary Davis (husband,) Thomas Davis (oldest son,) Michael Davis (youngest son,) Joseph Horvath (brother,) Ann Ward (sister,) Betty Gran (best friend)

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