Irene Joselane

December 1932
January 2024


The grief of losing my Mom is almost too much to bear. I loved her, adored her, celebrated her, and took care of her --- especially after my Dad passed in 1984. I'm an only child and stayed with her until her passing. Nothing --- but nothing! --- could prepare for that final day. I am lost. Alone. I feel as if my heart was ripped from within me. She was my One True Love. If Webster's had a definition of "unconditional love," my Mom's photo would be right next to it. She was giving, nurturing, compassionate, and caring in ways one could never imagine. She was the one I could always rely on without judgment of any sort. She was bright, engaging, and had a warped sense of humor. She was fun to be around, and all my friends adored her. Yes, we had our disagreements as any other parent/child relationship deals with, but I always knew everything we went through was centered on love, respect, and concern for each other's well-being. The photo attached to this was taken a few years back. A friend of mine is a makeup artist, and we wanted to have a bit of fun. Mom wanted a "Dynasty" look and loved every moment of getting all dolled up! That's how I want to remember her: happy, feeling glamorous, and having the time of her life! Irene Joselane was the ideal Mother. She was everything to me. Her contribution to science was the epitome of selflessness, and it showed in her actions every day. There was no one finer than her, and I will love, cherish, and celebrate her until the day I die. I love you, Mom!!! I miss you!!! XOXOXO Your son, Glenn

Friends & Family

Dolores Ochoa, Ken and Karen Walters

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