Isabel de Leon

November 1941
December 2023


Our mom was born in Los Guerra, Tamaulipas, Mexico. In her late 30’s our family came to the USA. She was a devoted wife, a cherished mother, a dedicated sister, a very hard worker, and a loyal friend who focused her time and energy on her family. She enjoyed the slot machines, maintained her garden with pride, and she loved visiting her family. All animals loved her. She has 4 children, 15 grandchildren, and 7 great-grandchildren. From Granddaughter Ar’necia: Warm hugs, lots of love & laughter, and always cheerful & joyful when she sees me. From Granddaughter Iris: Wella is among one of the kindest people I have encountered in my life & I could be biased because I love her, but she always has a smile and is willing to help where she can. She makes the best tortillas and will make you however many you want haha, her laugh is amazing and can make you laugh too. From Grandson Mark: She exemplified great resilience throughout the process of life, and successfully adapted to difficulties or challenging life experiences, especially through mental, emotional, and behavioral adjustments to external and internal demands. She was the ultimate definition of having a fighting spirit while remaining caring and loving. From Granddaughter Andromeda: My Abuelita was the true definition of the term ‘busy body’. She always had to be doing something, especially if it was outside. She enjoyed being outdoors. Whether it was picking up leaves from the ground, picking wilted leaves from plants, sweeping, or just sitting next to a warm fire pit; she couldn’t resist. She is the epitome of a hard worker and a strong-willed woman. She may have been a tiny lady, but she was a force to be reckoned with. She also loved her family dearly and showed it through the many acts of service she did for us. From Grandson Tony: Always being on the move, Wella is a true adventurist, not taking no for an answer very easily. Additionally, she only takes a break to smell the roses or play the slots & with those kinds of attributes one could say she earned the nickname, Jane Bond. From Granddaughter Marissa: Although I and Wella could not communicate about most things, I always felt her love and admiration for me which was encouraging and comforting. From Granddaughter Julissita: Wella was a strong-willed and feisty woman who loved to go to the game room. She is so strong and brave that I remember growing up she would climb onto the roof to fix it, mow the grass, and grab snakes with her bare hands. I will miss her resilient, adventurous, and fearless spirit. ❤️

Friends & Family

Names of Immediate Family Members: Spouse: Pedro de Leon (deceased) Children: Child 1: Son & Spouse Jorge & Aurora de Leon; Grandchild 1 Jessica de Leon (Alma) Grandchild 2 Jennifer de Leon (Alma) Grandchild 3 Stephanie de Leon (Brenda) Grandchild 4 Oscar de Leon (Brenda) Grandchild 5 Luis Gerardo de Leon Grandchild 6 Allan Jorge de Leon; Child 2: Son & Spouse Juan de Leon & Joan Jalos Grandchild 7 Daniel Galias Grandchild 8 Vaughn de Leon; Child 3: Daughter Julissa de Leon Grandchild 9 Julissa de Leon & Felix Maldonado; Child 4: Daughter & Spouse Isabel de Leon Brown & Alvin Brown Grandchild 10 Andromeda & Steven II Williams Great Grandchild 1 Steven Keith Williams III Great Grandchild 2 Athena Marie Rose Williams Great Grandchild 3 Sterling Kio Williams Grandchild 11 Cametre’a & Justin Lowery Great Grandchild 4 Justice Louis Lowery Great Grandchild 5 Brandon Earnest Edward Lowery Grandchild 12 Mark Jenkins & Isamar de Leon Great Grandchild 6 Aria Skye Jenkins (Carolina Morales) Great Grandchild 7 Noah Teo Chacon Grandchild 13 Anthony Jenkins Grandchild 14 Marissa Jenkins & Joshua Hines Grandchild 15 Iris Jenkins & Ar’necia Hardy

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