J. Michael (Mike) Irwin

June 1959
July 2023


Mike was a pastor for 20 years and had a pastor's heart. Although he was introverted he cared deeply about people. At the time of his death (autopsy showed hypertensive cardio vascular disease) he was working full time for Westone Laboratories, was active in his church (taught Sunday School) and had one grandchild whom he loved very much. Mike didn't like to go to the doctor which probably lead to his (premature) death. He had been on high blood pressure meds for 5 years but he should have been taking them for 30. He died in his sleep after working all day and doing yard work. As his wife, I would like to encourage everyone who reads this to get their blood pressure checked and if you need it, please take your meds. If my husband had begun the hypertension meds at a much earlier date, he might still be with us, watching his grandson grow up.

Friends & Family

Sharon Irwin - wife; Benjamin Irwin, Kiffin Irwin, Kaylynne Irwin Crago - children; Leo Benjamin Crago - grandchild; Kathy Quinn, Becky Williams, John Mark Irwin - siblings

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