James Bridgeman

June 1960
February 2023


Jim was a lover of his dogs, Sadie and most recently, Dotty, they meant the world to him. He was an avid cook and loved to make dishes to share with family and friends. Jim, like his older brother, Larry, were extremely gregarious and would speak with just about anyone. It was easy for them to strike up a conversation. Jim loved music and Cher was one of his favorite artists. After their dad passed, Jim cared for his mom and made her life easier. When she passed, he took over babysitting his nephew and niece after school and spent many hours during summer doing things with them. They have fond memories of ice cream at Rite Aid after his shift was over at work and having tacos for lunch. Uncle Jimmy introduced them to various restaurants and types of foods they didn't have at home, Each of them had special nicknames that only Uncle Jimmy called them and they were teased for years about those names, but all in fun.

Friends & Family

Jim leaves behind his sister-in-law, Joan (Larry passed earlier) in CA, brother Nick (Pamela) and their children Andrew in CA and Rachel in NY, sister Kay and her children in TX, aunts Barbara Bradley, Elizabeth "Betty" Oliver, Frances Ruff, and uncle Robert in North and South Carolina.

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