James D'Arcy

March 1939
March 2023


James Anthony D'Arcy was born near Detroit, Michigan. Sadly his early years were difficult due to his father's addiction and abuse, but his mother was a loving, safe haven and she ended up raising James and his sister on her own. James turned to sports as a way of finding positive connections with his peers and community. He excelled in football and baseball and was a star at both during his college years. James got his Master's in Counseling Psychology alongside his wife at the time, and then they moved to California where they became teachers and counselors. James however was also a very creative thinker and pursued the life of an inventor (nowadays he would have been called a start-up founder). During those years, James was a regular coach of his daughters' softball teams, which culminated in coaching his younger daughter to a national championship title in which she pitched a perfect game. In addition to softball, he spent a lot of time with them playing a wide-range of sports as well as teaching them to play chess, bowl, and shoot pool. He was a man very active in mind and body and never drank, smoked or did any form of drugs. As his girls got older he turned to golf as a main hobby and became very good at this as well, teaching his older daughter, who then pursued golf in high school. In his later years, James decided to write and taught himself to write screenplays and scripts. While none of them ever made it to a screen, these creative endeavors kept him occupied and brought him fulfillment. James had his own struggles throughout his life which made it hard for him to maintain positive relationships with his family over the years, but he was dedicated to sharing knowledge and teaching, whenever he could, and his family is certain that he would have felt glad to know he was helping others learn from him, even in death.

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