James Davies

September 1947
June 2022


Jim was a good man. Loved fixing things, working with his hands. He was in Coast Guard, loved being on the water. Bass fishing was a passion, a release from troubles. He loved finding out about his family history and being in touch with relatives. He also worked for phone company, had his own remodeling business. Loved to fix and build with his hands. Had a great smile and a wonderful laugh. He loved me, his wife to his last breath. He loved his 2 grandkids very much. He was a gentle man. He had dogs his whole life. Dogs just liked to be with him. They could sense his gentleness. He was never an angry man. He went along with things as life went along. He fought cancer down to the end. He will be truly missed.

Friends & Family

James Wesley Davies, Annamarie Davies, Kaitlyn Davies, Evan Davies, Joan Grady, John Bosch, Hedy Bosch, Andrene Conwell, Joe Conwell, Adam Conwell, Sara Conwell, Darla Allen, John P Bosch, LaDonna Bosch, Max Bosch, Jack Bosch, Sister Barbara, Sister Marybeth

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