James Mckelroy

February 1962
August 2022


Greg was a remarkable man, an awesome husband, son, and stepfather. He loved the Lord with all his heart, and was willing to help anyone. He will be greatly missed by me, his mom , stepchildren, and his friends. I miss him terribly, but I know I will see him again!

Friends & Family

Janice Mckelroy ( wife ), Marion Mckelroy ( mom), Peggy Cope (stepdaughter), Michael Kelley ( stepson ), Adrian Gonzalez. ( Friend), Sharon Flint ( Friend ), Paxton Bohanon ( grandson ), Savanna Hucklebee ((granddaughter), Dalton Hucklebee ( grandson ), Hunter Hucklebee ( grandson), Colton Hucklebee ( grandson), Zoii Collins ( granddaughter), Tony and Nancy ( Friends )

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