James McNeil

July 1948
July 2022


Just 4 days after his birthday God took him home. Although, it was unexpected we knew his time was drawing near. James had been dealing with prostrate cancer for 13 years. At the end of last year it had started to spread to all of his organs shutting them down one by one. Through all of this he still maintained his faith and left it up to God. James was my partner for the last 14 years. There is not one thing that we wouldn’t do for each other. The past year although challenging I was there right along his side when others couldn’t be. For his children and grandchildren even miles apart he loved you all very much. He prayed for healthy time in which he could travel but unfortunately that did not occur. To his brother Lil Joe he always hoped you would share some of your weight with him. He enjoyed your phone visits and was always so happy after your calls. Remember your dad and brother loved you the best he knew how to. Pa, I hope this next year your Cowboys of 55 years will make it to the Super Bowl. Now Rest In Peace without pain. Love forever and always til I see you again. Ma

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