Janet Brown

March 1937
September 2023


Janet Jean Zimmerman Brown will remain in our hearts and memories as a loving Mother, Sister, Grandma, Aunt, Cousin, and Friend. She was a loving wife and companion to her husband of 66 years, Bennie, and they together raised two sons, J. Todd and Eric Bennett. Janet was born #5 of 7 children into a family with fun, loving parents who provided them with a warm and caring home and a lot of adventures. She recalled a story of a day they all piled into the station wagon for an outing! When they arrived at their destination, a person observing them setting up for lunch commented, “ What a lovely day for a picnic!” which Janet’s mother replied, “It is a lovely day, but with 7 kids, it’s no picnic!” Art and home decorating were a very important part of her life, demonstrated through her own talents for flower arranging, and sewing. She also loved painting on canvas, most of which have been distributed to family and friends with love. Janet made a name for herself by teaching home economics across the state through a county extension program that won her an acclaimed award from the Governor. She took pride in judging 4-H and various student projects at contests, as well as State and County Fairs over the years. Janet never faltered in her faith in her Lord and always lived her life the way she felt God wanted her to live. She got to spend every summer for many of her later years in the Colorado mountains of Pagosa Springs, which she referred to as “Janet’s mountains” and loved to be known as Mountain Mama! The last remaining year of her life was spent at the Bee Hive with loving caregivers whom she unabashedly adopted as her family! Also in her last years of life, her cousins introduced her to Hot Air Ballooning. That became her obsession! She flew several times and couldn’t wait until the next one. Her last wish was to have her cremains scattered over HER mountains! And it will be carried out.

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