Janice Parker

May 1938
April 2024


Janice Parker will be remembered for her love of God, family, music, and bling. Janice was born to the late Edward Thurman and Mary Gilley in 1938, in Benham, Kentucky. Janice was active in the Benham Methodist church, including playing piano and singing in the choir. She loved music and taught piano in the 1950’s. She graduated from Benham High School in 1956. Janice married Charles “Bob” Parker in 1957 in Lancaster, KY; and their daughter, Faith, was born in Benham, KY in 1958. The three of them moved many times up and down the East Coast, from Boston to Virginia to pursue Bob’s career as a computer system designer. Through their many different moves, Janice pursued a lifelong career in medicine; including working many years as the lab manager at Thunderbird Hospital in Phoenix, Arizona. Bob was transferred to Phoenix by Honeywell. Janice and Bob fell in love with Arizona and decided it was home. Janice was a creative and spiritual soul, who also enjoyed a trip to the casinos for a few rounds of slots. Bob would keep busy at the pool while Janice raked in the winnings inside. Together they made a winning pair.

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