Janice Reynolds

July 1935
February 2024


Janice Reynolds lived a very long life. She was married once to my father, and yes she was my mom. She lived in Philadelphia, PA her whole life until 11 years ago when I went back to Philly and brought my mom to California to live with my husband Joe and me. The last 11 years for my mom and I were the beginning of a relationship with my mother that I never had. I got to know my mom for the first time. She surprised me with her independence and fun-spirited times when she would see me dancing in my seat driving and would dance with me. Those memories are so special to me now. I got to know a side of my mom I never knew. As my late husband Joe told me I know now where you get your stubbornness. My mom had a will of her own. Her will kept her in her own even as she lost so much weight she was a skeleton. But she didn't let go until she knew I was going to be ok. I love my mom so much and I'm so glad I had the opportunity in the last 11 years to get to know her. She will be in my heart always and forever. I LOVE YOU, MOM!

Friends & Family

She is survived by myself, her daughter Norma Reilly, and her grandson Brandon Reilly, and her two great-grandchildren Brody and Brooklynn Reilly. She is also survived by her oldest sister June Monahan.

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