Jay Mashburn

January 1958
May 2023


On May 14th my husband, my constant companion for over 30 years, the father of my daughters, died. He’s finally free of the horrible disease that took over his mind and our lives. Jay Parker Mashburn M.D, accomplished many things. He was brilliant; academically, he achieved many milestones; he was a dedicated, hardworking and caring physician. Despite this amazing career, his most important quality is that he was a gentleman who never hurt anyone intentionally, and who many times went out of his way to help his patients and to give us a peaceful home life. Jay was a hardworking man but he never missed an important family event that many times he attended after having worked long shifts in the emergency room. He made sure we knew we were his priority. Jay battled with Benson's syndrome (Posterior Cortical Atrophy) for many years, a neurological disease that destroyed his brilliant mind and his ability to communicate but even with this disease we knew we were important to him. When Jay was a medical student, he learned in and loved the anatomical lab, and in the early stages of his disease when he was still fully capable, he made the generous decision to donate his body hoping that perhaps a young medical student would be able to understand the disease that took his mind from him and took him from all of us. While this journey has been challenging for our family, we know for sure that he's now with his parents and mine and with our baby nephew Gabriel Warner; that he's not confused nor lonely anymore and it is comforting for us to know that he is able to talk to them about us, we know he is at peace finally resting and whole again. Descansa en paz honey, you will be in our hearts and in the beautiful memories we created, until we see you again!

Friends & Family

Vicky Mashburn- wife Sabrina Mashburn - daughter, Emily Mashburn daughter

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