Jean Ann Swenson

February 1934
November 2023


Jean Ann was born and raised in Glendale Queens, New York. She spent her summers in Long Beach, Long Island enjoying her friends and endless days and adventures along the Atlantic Ocean. She worked in the clothing industry and owned her own business. She flew small airplanes as a hobby and had a passion for painting. Her greatest love was for animals, mainly dogs. She never lived without a dog in her home. She often volunteered at a dog shelter and sometimes would come home with a dog that “needed” her. Jean Ann left Long Island in her late 20s and moved to California where she spent several years until moving to Long Beach Mississippi. She was forced to leave Mississippi, because of Hurricane Katrina, with her two dogs and whatever personal belongings she could fit into her car, and arrived in Brooksville, Florida where she spent the rest of her life. She lived in a small community with very loving and caring friends.

Friends & Family

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