Jeanni Page

April 1929
July 2023


A Little Tribute to my Mommy: Jeanni Blanford Page eagerly went to be with her lord and savior, Jesus Christ, on Thursday, July 13, 2023, just after 8 pm. She was being held by me and was in no pain. Jeanni was born on April 22, 1929, in Aurora, Illinois. She always made jokes about how she caused the Great Depression. She was the third of four children to; Elmer Vincent Blanford and Leone Emma Raymond. Her family was blessed that her father had a job as a postal worker during a most difficult time in America’s history. Her parents were wonderful to their children and each child believed they were the favorite. All four siblings served the catholic church in their chosen careers. Jeanni became a nun at 18 and taught school in the segregated south of Clarksdale, Mississippi. After five years, Jeanni left the convent because she believed motherhood to be her true calling. Jeanni gave birth to two daughters, Lori Lynne Page & Lynne Marie Page. She worked hard to provide financially for her children as a single parent and overcame many obstacles. She was a pioneer as a Nuclear Medicine Technologist in a male-dominated field and she was proud to earn her Master’s degree just before her 60th birthday. Her faith in God remained incredibly strong throughout the years regardless of the obstacles. Jeanni came to realize that salvation was a gift of Grace and the result of a relationship with Christ. She understood salvation could not be earned through good works and religion. This epiphany enabled her to heal outside of the guilt of man’s short-sighted laws. The love between Jeanni and God began an even deeper journey as did the love between her and her daughters. Jeanni was incredibly proud of both of her daughters. Lori holds a high rank within the government as a HUD officer and Lynne is the entrepreneur and Fitness Trainer. All three grandkids held a special place in her heart, and Vincent (the oldest) was her favorite! She watched him overcome Dyslexia only to become a voracious reader of history and so, so much more! Kathleen & Zachary graduated from SEU in Lakeland and have gone on to careers in the Fitness Industry. She bragged about each of them often. Jeanni was incredibly grateful to be a part of St. Alban’s Episcopal Church in Auburndale the last four years of her life. She very much enjoyed reading God’s word as a lector during worship services. Her favorite part was the church family. They cared for her, drove her to services, and even kept a blanket in the pew for her as she was always cold! Jeanni was preceded in death by both of her parents, her oldest sister and brother; Sister Marilyn Leone Blanford and John Raymond Blanford. Jeanni is survived by Her loving younger sister; Delores Ellen Suding, her daughters Lori & Lynne, and her three beloved grandchildren. Her last “gift” was to give her body to science, so some students somewhere might learn and grow because of her donation.

Friends & Family

Delores Ellen Suding, Lori Page, Lynne Page, St. Alban's Church

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