Jeffrey Campbell

January 1961
July 2015


The greatest gift to others is the gift of life. By being a donor, our father, Jeff Campbell was able to continue on with his innate ability to give for others.Over his lifetime, there was no shortage of evidence that our dad cared deeply about everyone he met, and that he strived to bring happiness into all of our lives.Everyone who knew him can attest to the fact that he lived for being a great host. He loved bringing people together to enjoy life and share laughter, usually around a table of delicious food. He was an amazing cook and threw memorable get-togethers.A passion for sports fueled by comraderey, led to many lasting friendships as well as to inspiring future generations as a coach. His skill as a player and teacher will never be forgotten.His ability to connect people extended to the founding of our zealous family football pool. Here is where he made us laugh with his weekly Commissioner emails, full of witty banter, bringing together family and friends. His creation and orchestration making daily strife or in some cases miles of separation vanish seamlessly for it’s members. All of these things and more make-up the endless list of ways Jeff enjoyed giving to others.Stories family, friends and colleagues tell of how Jeff helped them directly and certainly how they “always had a great time” are the moments we all cherish. It is through donation that this hospitality continues on to help improve the lives of others and came as no surprise that this was his wish.We are very proud of the positive influence our father was able to have on lives he touched while here with us, and how those effects reach far beyond his passing. We know that he is watching over us, smiling as he enjoys the experiences others are having as a result of his contributions. Although Jeff’s time on earth was far too short, there is no question that his impact was lasting.Thank you!– Loving you always, “your favorite”

Friends & Family

Children: Nichole Campbell, Rory Campbell, Meghan Campbell, Bridgett Campbell (and many other friends & family)

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