Jeffrey Mayner

April 1955
October 2022


My husband Jeff was a kind and compassionate man. He believed in humanity. Jeff loved science and dinosaurs. He would listen to I Know Dino podcasts and anything science or politics. We would have been married for 38 years October 20. We had 3 children and 5 granddaughters! He loved all of us very well. He was a wonderful role model for how one treats their loved ones and especially me his wife. He told me every single day that he loved me. He was trustworthy and a great man of character. Donating his body is something so appropriate and we sincerely hope some good comes out of his death. Jeff had dementia and was blinded by it. He broke his hip in December of 2021 and was bedridden the remainder of his days. He never forgot who we were and still told me he loved me. Even when I told him and he was too weak to speak I still saw his lips move to tell me. He is very much missed.

Friends & Family

Sons Ryan and Joseph Mayner. Daughter Kayla Mayner. Granddaughters- Nicole, Mia, Faith, Marley, and Kimberly.

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