Jimmy Tyler

August 1949
March 2024


Although his departure was sudden, the impact he had on each of us is eternal. I will forever carry Jimmy Lee Tyler Sr.'s love in my heart, as I know many of you will too. Today, as we reflect on his life and all that he has given us, I encourage you to hold onto the memories, the laughter, and the wisdom he shared with us all.

Friends & Family

Preceded in death by Ray Lee Tyler, ErnieMae Tyler, Kenneth DeWayne, Wayne Tyler, and Larry Tyler. Survived by: Barbara Tyler- (wife) Sheryl Tyler- (sister) Kristie Gypin, Cody Gypin, Clayton Gypin, Caleb Gypin-(daughter and family) Jimmy Tyler Jr., Cody Vincent, Dustin Vincent, Ashley Tyler, Breanna Tyler. - (son and family) Walter Shafer jr. , Bo Shafer (son) and 9 great-grandchildren

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