Joanna Ewing Abel Bajer

December 1930
June 2023


Joanna donated her body to science with the hope of helping future generations. While living in Texas, she saw a commercial about donating your body to science and looked into it. After relocating to Arizona at the age of 80, she followed through and made sure her wishes to donate upon her death, could still be honored. She lived until the age of 92. Ten days before her passing, she made the decision to go home on hospice. She lived out her last days at home, eating her favorite snacks, smiling, laughing, and visiting with her loved ones. To know her, was to love her. While her life was not always easy, she remained optimistic and hopeful. She was an inspiration to many. We want to thank Science Care for the work they do and Hospice of the Valley in Phoenix, Arizona for their help during her transition. Joanna will be missed, but as followers of Jesus, we are certain that she is with her Creator and that we will see her again in Heaven.

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