Jodi Stockton

June 1956
February 2024


My mother, Jodi, was a courageous woman and was never afraid to live life. There was nothing too small or too big she wouldn't do and do it perfectly. She always had the best laugh and smile but there was nothing better than her signature dumbfounded look she would give if she or another person ever did something stupid. It was unmatched and made it all perfect again. At 5'11" and with a long neck, her chicken dance will be missed terribly and if you were to witness it, it meant she loved you. She was the oldest of 7 kids and carried that duty until her last breath. She loved tropical weather and the beach. The first time she vacationed in Florida from NY, she stayed an extra week and we were moving there a month later. She never looked back and only asked that her final resting place be as close to the equator (where it was warm) as possible. The one thing that was never doubted was how much she loved me, my sister, and her grandson who might have made her a grandma a little too young in life. Becoming a grandma early didn't stop her though, she just became the coolest grandma. She was also the momma bear of all bears and was always sure to sprinkle us with tough love. We can only thank her for our strong independence. It would be easy to go on forever, but I would have you reading forever and my head would pound from the emotion and my home lacks Advil at the moment. However, my mom donating herself to science did not come as a surprise to anyone who knew her. If she thought science and others would benefit, she would opt for it just as she did. It's one last selfless act (among other things) she has given in her life. She will be terribly missed by her siblings, friends, daughters, and her favorite part of her life, her grandsons. I am writing this as it rains outside. I can hear her words tell me when I didn't want to get wet, "You're not sugar, you won't melt" This will forever be my mother. Many blessings to all. Godspeed.

Friends & Family

Daughters: Heather Hnatiw, Lauren Stockton-Menezes Grandsons: Dominic Janlin, Maverick Menezes Siblings: William (Skip) Stockton (who also wears his angel wings), Mary Ann Stockton, Joseph Stockton, Terese Stockton, Michael Stockton, Christopher Stockton

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