John Michael Powers

June 1951
May 2024


John "Michael" Powers was an amazing brother and friend, as well as a lifelong learner and educator. Michael's life took him down many different paths; from wine connoisseur to bookstore owner, to computer teacher in Hawaii where he also was head of the Division of Boating and Ocean Recreation for a time. Michael received his Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of San Francisco. He later went on to earn some of the highest certifications in the Security field as a Systems Auditor and security Manager, and several other high-level certifications as an Information Systems Security Professional. Michael battled heart issues his entire life! He went through three open heart surgeries and had a pacemaker and a mechanical heart valve. The way he handled what was dealt to him was inspiring...exercising, eating right, knowing each of his many medications completely, and always having a positive attitude about the future! This man touched the lives of everyone he met in many wonderful ways and he is, and will forever be greatly missed!

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