John Schnell

May 1940
October 2023


John was raised in a hard-working farming family with a beautiful vegetable market in Henderson, Colorado. This hard work created the most dedicated employee, partner, friend, husband, and father and we are grateful for all of the fun memories John generated. He worked most of his life at Rio Grande Motorway delivering materials to businesses in Denver and the foothills. He retired at age 56 and promptly took up golfing and working part-time for other establishments for several more years. He taught several people how to drive the “big rigs” and was a professional driver and mentor. He had funny nicknames for everyone and could strike up a conversation with anyone he met. He worked hard and played hard too. He was a band member in high school and played the trumpet - his band was called, The Continentals. He loved jazz: listening, playing, and sharing this love with his family. Did you know he was also a fantastic speller and was a national finalist in the spelling bee in his school. He also shared his love of camping and fishing in the most remote places in the mountains of Colorado- especially Lake Crosho and Sheriff's Reservoir. John introduced us to motocross riding, something we combined with these fishing and camping trips. These experiences spurred on many stories, which he loved to share. He and Ruthie loved to travel to Maui and share the beauty of the islands with his family and friends. Golfing was a passion and had many trips with friends, Ruthie, Brad, and others. We also loved playing cards with him and of course BINGO - which he would often win. Ultimately, John was a friend to all people and his pets ~ you could see him walking his little dogs to the park and meeting so many other friends in his community of Ventana Lakes in Arizona. After fighting back a cancer diagnosis, John was able to love all of us to the end on October 17, 2023. We thank all of you for enriching John’s life with your love and care. We will continue loving him and sharing these stories, in his honor.

Friends & Family

John was born in Henderson, Colorado on May 4, 1940, to Edna M. (Petersen) and Leroy E. Schnell. He has two siblings, Nancy (Lee) Corsentino of Brush, CO, and Linda (Ron) Meade, deceased, and a cousin, Joe (Chris) Miller. He married the love of his life, N. Ruth (Hornsby) of Brighton, CO, on 11-09-1961 in Brighton, CO, celebrating nearly 62 years of love and devotion. He has two children: John Bradley Schnell, married to Margaret Catherine, Broomfield, CO; Sherry Lynn Davis, married to Scott B. Davis, Boulder, CO. He has three grandchildren and several step-grandchildren: Leah Alane McKeen, married to David James with two step-grandchildren, Mariah and Emily, all residing in Kent, OH; Christopher William Davis of Atlanta, GA; Casey John Davis of Denver, CO, and his spouse Katie Duvall; Thomas Edward Davalt of Broomfield, CO; Joseph James Davalt of Broomfield, CO; Nicole Marie Farnett married Robert Adam Farnett and their two children, Zachary Michael and Alexis Marie of Castle Pines, CO; Andrew David Davalt married to Bridgit Rae, their three children Twins, Michael Sebastian and Andreas David Spiegel and Evan James Davalt of Highlands Ranch, CO

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