John Tracy

December 1963
March 2023


To a man named John, who was called to do the work of the Lord; there is a lot we can say about this amazing man. He was a loving husband, dad, papa, brother, son, uncle, and friend. Although his time with us was short, his impact will be everlasting in his memory. We would like to share with you some of the reasons why we consider ourselves so blessed to have had him in our lives. First, John’s experiences in beating the odds. God knew he needed perseverance, tenacity, faith, and lots of love; all of which he carried in his heart and soul. He spent a lifetime overcoming so many obstacles. In turn, he became one heck of a role model, supporter, and servant of the Lord. He carried a faith so strong that it allowed him to navigate gracefully this crazy thing called life. Additionally, John’s ability to move the unmoved people around him was truly miraculous. Everyone that had the opportunity to be in community with John, whether family, friends, or strangers; we were shown God’s love through John. Anyone who crossed his path will agree. We do not know anyone who had as much faith in the power of the Lord more than John did. He made sure to share His word in all of his interactions. If anyone needed him, he was there regardless of the circumstances. Always lending a helping hand, a listening ear, or an open heart. Giving words of guidance, courage, and wisdom. In John’s memory, it is important to point out his love for family. He enjoyed time with family, with his grandchildren being his favorite times. He also had an undying affection for the outdoors. John loved to participate in worldly things like riding his Harley, side by side, or his boat! There is also no arguing about how he could play a heck of a game of pool! If John were here with us still today he would remind us that everything we do is for the Lord, listen to when he speaks to us, keep the faith, and understand that we are living in accordance with God’s timing. His wife, children, and grandchildren will miss John deeply. He truly was the example of a great man. With all our love. “The LORD makes firm the steps of the one who delights him; though he may stumble, he will not fall, for the LORD upholds him with his hand” PSALM 37:23-24

Friends & Family

His wife Cora Tracy, kids and grandchildren

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