Jorge Sule

January 1946
October 2016


My dad, Jorge Sule, was born in Montevideo, Uruguay. He was a loving father to 3 children, husband, son, and family member. Although he was unable to speak after his stroke in 1997. The years he was able to were enough to keep a lifetime of stories and memories. He was funny, a hopeless romantic, outgoing, and dedicated to his wife and family. He was left handicapped after his stroke but he never let that limit him. We were told he wouldn’t live for more then 3 yrs after his stroke. But the strength of his desire to be with us and the love and support he was surrounded with kept him alive for 20 more yrs. He loved to travel, dance, sing, and play. He always kept a smile on all of our faces with his vibrant personality. My dad will forever be remembered and missed. We love you daddy!

Friends & Family

Margarita (wife) Children: Janett, George, Diana, Tony Grandchild: Isis

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