Joseph Bissell

September 1944
May 2024


Joe was from Massachusetts and from a long line of descendants of John Bissell, who arrived in America in 1624 and settled in Connecticut. Among his ancestors was Israel Bissell, who accompanied Paul Revere on his famous ride. Revere was captured, but Bissell made it all the way to New York and Pennsylvania to warn patriots. Joe's passion was flying. Soloing at age 15, he was hired at age 21 as an airline pilot for Northeast Airlines, which merged with Delta Airlines. As Captain, he flew throughout the United States, Europe, and into Russia and Istanbul. A loving father of two girls, he loved airplanes, DIY home projects, his family, golf, and travel.

Friends & Family

Sandra J Bissell, wife of 47 years; Laura Bissell Angell, daughter; Karen Bissell Hodges, daughter; Wesley Bissell Angell, grandson; Cameron Bissell Angell, grandson

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