Joseph Johann

August 1938
June 2022


Joe Johann was a wonderful man, and he was deeply loved by anyone who knew him. He was married to Carol Ann Armstrong for 41 great years, and they had six children between them. Carol Ann lost two sons, and Joe lost one of his sons over the years. Joe worked mostly in the Mining Industry (potash, trona, coal and gold), more recently as Maintenance Superintendent at a Coal Mine, and finally retired working for a Cement Plant in Colorado. They lived mostly on the western slope of Colorado (and a couple years in Ohio where he worked at Morton Salt) until they moved to Arizona in 2017. Joe will be truly missed and never forgotten by his family and friends.

Friends & Family

Steve (Son) and Christy Johann, Cheryl Armstrong (Stepdaughter), Grandsons - Jeremy, Damian, A.J., Blake

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