Joseph McKeon

December 1951
October 2022


Joe McKeon was a fun loving person. He loved meeting new people. I used to say that to Joe, nobody was a stranger. By the time he left a room, he had met most everyone. He loved to dance, especially to a good Jitterbug song like one we danced to many times and was our favorite, In The Mood. I miss him so much, sometimes I feel I can’t breathe. He became disabled and in the the end, was unable to walk, unable to ever dance again. He hated that. He was exposed to Agent Orange in Vietnam and I believe it caused his cancer in 2016 and his spinal deterioration which began maybe 3 years ago. My hope is that by donating his body to Science Care, which we had decided on years ago, another Vietnam Veteran will walk and maybe even dance the Jitterbug.

Friends & Family

Daughters Amy Carigen, Tessa Donnelly, and Dawn Nance.

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