Julia Gaysunas

November 1933
December 2021


It was important to our Mom Julia to dedicate her body to science so that she could contribute to future healthcare in a meaningful way. Julia was such an intelligent woman who valued education and shared her love of learning with her 4 kids and 6 grandchildren. Julia earned a Bachelor’s of Art Degree in Education from the Ohio State University and taught elementary school before becoming a full time mother. Once her children were older, she became a pre-school teacher then a director of a child care center. She later became a law librarian for 20 years. Julia was a voracious reader and enjoyed participating in numerous book clubs and often lead book discussions. She had great talent in selecting wonderful books as gifts. If Julia recommended a book, you could count on it being a great read. She faithfully attended church, first Methodist then Presbyterian churches where she participated in and often taught Bible studies. Julia also participated in plays at her churches. Julia was a talented seamstress and loved to make clothes and costumes for her children and grandchildren. Julia loved stories, was a talented story teller, a great conversationalist, and a truly wonderful parent, grandparent and friend.

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