Karl Porter

February 1950
June 2024


Karl Porter known to family as "Bean" will always be remembered as a loving husband and wonderful father of two beautiful daughters and a grandfather of four fantastic grandchildren. Being a product of the 60's generation, Karl lived his life as he chose. He was quiet and relatively unassuming, and was happiest when talking about his life experiences and listening to the music of the Woodstock era with his daughters. He was very proud of his family, and how lucky we all are to have had him in our lives. He will be missed greatly, but his presence will forever be felt when a Beatles song is played. Rest in peace our love.

Friends & Family

Wife - Harriet Porter; Daughters (son-in-laws) - Kristin and Allen Turton; Lisa and Martin Scholl; Grandchildren - Sophie and Zoe Turton; Raegan and Porter Scholl

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