Karl Szulc

September 1960
March 2022


Karl served on the US Seattle AOE-3 in the US Navy.  Karl helped anyone and everyone he had a heart so pure.  He enjoyed doing what he loved most torching, collecting scrap metal, and working on cars. He loved his family and they always came first. He passed away surrounded by family and knowing he was loved. He wanted to donate his body to science to help find a cure for cancer.

Friends & Family

Sarina Szulc (wife), Eric Szulc (brother), daughters Kristy Adcox (JJ), Suzanne Szulc (William), son Karl Szulc ( Keesha) and the grandbabies Kazmiera, Kyralynn, James, Kaylee, Anthony, Nicole, Brandon, Jayadel, Makhhia, Karl, Anola, Rylnn, Aubrey and Georgianna. Close family friends Sharon (Bruce)Matve, Ed(Patty)Parker, in laws Russell (Darlene)Walker and brother-in-law Brian (Amy) Allen. Nephew Tyler, nieces Heather, Kiersten and Evalyn

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