Katilyn Parker

December 1988
April 2024


Kati had a smile that lit up the room. She was passionate about the great outdoors and all creatures, large and small, from an early age. Her elementary and middle school summers were spent enrolled in programs at the aquarium lab, science museum, etc. Kati was a graduate of Texas A&M Corpus Christi (TAMUCC), earning a degree in Environmental Science (Policy and Regulations). She also minored in Geology and enjoyed learning how to conduct fieldwork and study Texas's geological past. Kati's own words from LinkedIn: "My greatest passion is studying and enjoying nature. Helping preserve it and educate others of its immense wonder is my second. As a Texas Master Naturalist, I get the opportunity to spend my time volunteering around South Texas's array of landscapes and ecosystems, by doing this I continue to learn every day. While I am not out volunteering I am usually at home with my flock of chickens and tending to my garden and compost. I try to live a simple and modest green life and keep my carbon footprint light."

Friends & Family

She was greatly loved and will be missed by her family, friends, and pets. Keith and Tambi Parker (parents,) Kelly Bryana Parker and Josh Glenn (sister,) Joseph and Terri Jo Black (maternal uncle,) Kimberly and Mike Evaristo (maternal aunt,) Joe Black (maternal grandfather, deceased,) Jeanne and Mike Freeman (maternal grandmother,) Karl and Diana Parker (paternal uncle,) Gary and Amy Parker (paternal uncle,) Sharon Montez (paternal aunt,) Walter Briones (paternal uncle,) Richard and Tina Parker (paternal grandparents, deceased,) Numerous cousins

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