Kay Tavormina

March 1942
June 2016


Kay loved flying, she was the youngest girl in the state of Arizona to fly at age 16. The papers did an article on her even. Kay took to the sky like a duck to water. To say it was important to her, yes like breathing is to humans. She always knew she had been a B-17 pilot in a past life and that’s why she loved to fly so much. Kay went to ASU to become a Nurse and met and married John G. Tavormina who was from Brooklyn, NY and in the Tempe PD. They married & had 2 kids and raised both kids to fly and know how to hunt, camp, survive in the world. As soon as they were old enough Kay had her kids learn to fly just like she had, she then bought an aerobatic Bi-Plane called a Pitts Special and started flying aerobatics. Her daughter followed her in aerobatic flying and they enjoyed their flights together as often as possible. When her Husband of over 35 years was diagnosed with cancer she retired from nursing to be his caregiver until his death in 2006. To say she lost her best friend is never enough…she basically died with him that day and just the shell of her body remained here for another 10 years until she was finally released from her chains and free to fly once more. She is missed and loved so much by her children and grandchildren.Soar amongst the clouds again mom, Soar and be happy …..find my father and hug him for me, hopefully I can be with you both soon. We love and miss you mommy.

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