Kimberly Flanegin

January 1967
July 2023


Kim was my life partner and we were together for almost 15 years. She was one the most loving and loyal people I have ever known. It is so hard for me to imagine a life without her. She was truly a light in my life and in the world. I met her when my daughter was 5 years old and her dad had walked out on her. Kim loved and raised my daughter Amber as her own. They had a tough relationship at first as my daughter was dealing with special needs and and an absent father. But Kim just continued to love her and me and slowly became the second parent I never thought she would have. Her smile would brighten any room and she loved me in a way I never thought I would be loved. I will miss her every day but I am so grateful I got the honor and the privilege to have her, know her and love her for all these years.

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