Kyle Reeves

February 1974
March 2023


Kyle Bradley Reeves was born on February 6, 1974, at Michael Reese Hospital in Chicago, Illinois. He passed away on March 11, 2023, at CPMC Hospital in San Francisco, California at the age of 49. Brad was an intelligent, deep, and unique individual, who was known by many for his friendly demeanor, loyalty to his friends, and love for his family. Despite his many positive qualities, he struggled with depression and other emotional issues that often caused strife within his family, even before sickle cell disease took over his life. However, he was able to find joy in music, writing, reading, and culture, which helped him cope with life’s challenges. Like many people, Brad enjoyed cigarettes and a drink or two, even with the complications these vices had on his condition. Unfortunately, these habits led to his first hip replacement in 2006 and subsequent chronic pain, rendering him differently abled and impacting the rest of his life. Nonetheless, Brad remained resilient and will be remembered for his many positive qualities and his ability to find joy in life despite the difficulties he faced. In 2013, Brad settled in the Tenderloin, a neighborhood that he would call home for the remainder of his life. His mother was his devoted primary caregiver and would travel to see him most days to offer her support. Over the past decade, Brad experienced many highs and lows. He was always looking for ways to help his musician friends secure gigs, and he remained creative, including working on documentaries about the history of Hyde Street Studio, his lineage to the famed US Marshall, Bass Reeves, and others. However, he also struggled with pain from his hip replacements and intermittent crises caused by his disease that occurred when sickled red blood cells obstructed the small blood vessels that delivered blood to his bones, resulting in pain in his back, knees, legs, arms, chest, and stomach. Brad was experiencing a crisis on the night of the heart attack that ultimately claimed his life.

Friends & Family

Brad leaves behind his mother, Patricia, his father, Ronald, two sisters, Tanya and Tracy, two nieces, Jeneva and Alexandra, three nephews, Theo, Sterling, and Thurston, plus his aunt Adrian and many cousins. We loved him more than words can express and are thankful that he has found the peace that often eluded him in life. He will be deeply missed.

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