Laura Anderson

May 1971
November 2023


Laura was loved by family and friends alike. She lived an amazing life that included many adventures. She was able to travel to Europe and Mexico. She loved the ocean and marine life. She spent several years of her life living near both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. She was fluent in both Spanish and ASL and was able to utilize both in her professional and personal life. In addition to her love of the ocean was her love of music, books, and movies. She was lucky enough to find careers that surrounded her with all of her loves. Be it working as a DJ, at the library, or aquarium, her life was full of the things she loved. She was pre-deceased by her father Ralph and mother Charlotte. She is survived by her sister Alison, brother-in-law Rick, niece Lauren, grandnieces Jade and Zoe, Uncle Mike, numerous cousins, and step father Baruch. She left so many friends and family mourning her loss while retaining wonderful memories of her short life. Laura's life wasn't without tragedies and triumphs but she always faced these with a smile. She always put others first and went out of her way to make sure others were fed, had a place to rest their head, take a shower, and would give what she could spare (and more) to those in need. The world is a different place without her kind-hearted spirit in it.

Friends & Family

Ralph Anderson, Charlotte Anderson, Alison Moody, Lauren Lamoree, Jade Lamoree, Zoe Lamoree, Rick Moody, Baruch Burstein, Kari Bright, Christina Cade, James Adams, Yvonne Groat, Debbie McCutchen, Melissa Mayes, Mike Nantze

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