Laura Sanders

October 1984
June 2018


If Laura were a tree in a field of oaks you would notice her first off. There she is! The one standing tallest with most branches reaching out to cover several others oaks. Her roots growing deep into the hearts of all the other oak trees in the field. She is the tree with the million wildflowers at her base. She is the tree with the kids climbing on her and people taking shade and gathering under her. Laura was intelligent, loved children, she loved being a mama, one of her greatest joys was spending time at Coquuina Beach with her family, swimming in the Florida springs or being outdoors in nature. Her passion was eating. She loved to cook and often made special five course meals for her children and friends. Music was playing in her home 24/7 from country to classical to rap. She loved it all. Laura was proud of our Military and had several wounded vets as her family & friends. One of her closest was Joel Tavera, who was severely burned, suffered traumatic brain injury, lost part of his right leg, the sight of both eyes and the fingers on his left hand on March 12, 2008 when a rocket exploded near his armored suburban inside Talil Air Base in Iraq. Laura was a memberof the motorcyle club - Legacy Vets USA MC, She had pride in her children and taught them the importance of education. Laura cared deeply for the less fortunate. She spoke loudly for calling out the urgent need to stop child abuse. If you ask anyone about Laura Loo – Most would say it was her beautiful smile they remember the most.

Friends & Family

Children Jaiden Lynn 16, Robby Cliffton 14 & Owauna G. Sheryl (Mother) & Ralph Proemm (Stepdad), Roland Sanders (Father), Michael R. Novo & Jeremy R. Sanders (Brothers), Adrienne, Mil Mil, Nick, Mindy, Stuart, Hunter, Savannah. Kimberly, Brandi, Tiffini & Jami, Liz, Amanda, Bobby & Matt, (Cousins), Soulmate Kelly 'Krow' Womack, Friend for life - Michelle Burris Fishburn, Laura has many family and friends that truly miss her.

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