Laura Tremblett-Fassy

August 1937
July 2023


Laura Lee Tremblett-Fassy was born Laura Lee Ives on August 17, 1937 in Blenheim, Ontario, Canada. She became a United States citizen in the early 1960’s. She was a kind and loving mother who raised three children; Jay, Darlene, and Bonnie. She was very generous with her time and enjoyed helping others. As a Red Cross volunteer in Hawaii, she met injured military personnel being flown back to the United States from Vietnam. The planes would land in Honolulu to refuel and while refueling, Laura would bring donuts to the injured troops, along with a bright and cheery smile and reassuring words of hope. She spent her life finding ways to make others’ lives better. When you think of Laura, do not grieve. Better, celebrate her life and think about the many people she influenced. Even in death, she is giving of herself! She donated her body to various medical programs in a final effort to help others.

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