LaVerne Colvin

December 1935
December 2017


Cal was born to a mom and dad who couldn't afford he and his four siblings. He and his younger brother were taken from school and put in an orphanage. His brother was adopted, but Cal remained there from ages 6 to 16. He was not contacted by his family all those years. His sister took him to live with she and her family on a farm. He was only there for two weeks when his sister took him into town and got him a sleeping room and gave him five dollars and left him there alone. He decided that was not going to define the rest of his life. He enlisted in the Army and spent three years overseas, mostly in France. Upon honorable discharge he went to work for Northwestern Steel & Wire Co in Sterling, IL and retired with 32 years of service, mostly as a brick mason in the electric furnaces. He married Penny O'Haver and they had two daughters, Courtney Janssen and Amy Lilly. They have four grandchildren and three great grandchildren. Cal acceped the Lord when he was 38 years old and he and Penny were very involved with the missions program at their church. Cal was a greeter, was on a team of work and witness workers, and went on many work and witness trips. He and Penny went to Uganda and did mission work to help the orphans there. For years they hosted dozens of people in their home through International Visitors sponsored by the State Department. They also cared for many children and young people including their grandson, Samuel who has lived with them, along with his mother, for seventeen years. Cal was always helping others and took care to teach them about God's love for them. He and Sam attended bible study for dad's and sons in Vero Beach for years. He had open heart surgery and never fully recovered from that before he got cancer. He was a true Viking warrior and fought for three years before his death. He was a man of integrity and he was so wise. He definitely was our rock. Many loved him and will miss his warm greeting and big smile. Thank you, Lord, for the gift of this loving, humble man.

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