Linda Bacon

May 1950
March 2022


She was born in Tulsa Oklahoma, one of 6. She was adopted by the Gordon’s when she was about 6. In her early 20s she married and had Jessica her daughter. Around 1980 she joined the Navy, she worked security (e5:police officer). While in the navy she was able to work in Japan where she had her 1st son Troy. Then a few years later her and Troy moved to Spain, one day she visited a psychic were she was told she would have her 2nd son Michael. After Spain they traveled to many of the US states. Finally settling in Virginia for many years, then in 2014 she moved to North Carolina with her son Troy and his wife Joy and their 7 children. She loved art and sharing her skills with her 7 grandchildren. In 2020 she became a great grandmother of 2 and 3 moths before her passing she gained another great grandson. She loved her family.

Friends & Family

Jessica Thomas daughter and her 3 sons Noah, Ezekiel and Elijah. Troy Claussen son his wife Joy Claussen and their 7 kids Sierra, Sean, Makayla Claussen, Brock and Ethan Eure, Destiny and Nathan Daum. And the great grands Leo, Kobe, and Xander

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