Linda Hall

August 1939
July 2023


She was born August 8, 1939, in Flint, Michigan. She was confirmed in her Christian faith in the Lutheran church in Vincennes, Indiana, on September 21, 1953, and moved to Ozona, Florida, in 1954. She graduated from Tarpon Springs High School, Tarpon Springs, Florida, on June 6, 1957, and married Raymond Eugene Hall, on July 8, 1957, in Ozona, Florida at the Ozona Baptist Church. She moved to Denver, Colorado on August 15, 1957, to Echternach, Luxembourg, on September 20, 1958, to Palm Harbor, Florida on June 15, 1960, to San Jose, California on July 12, 1966, to Arlington, Virginia on March 12, 1967, to Palm Harbor, Florida on August 14, 1967, and moved to Red Hill, Alabama, January 1, 1971. She left this surly bond, on July 21, 2023, from Tallassee, Alabama. She was preceded in her departure by her mom and dad, Carl and Lucille Lyle, and her two sons, Nathan Wade Hall and Stephen Ray Hall. She was a wonderful wife and mother, and I shall miss her terribly. She is survived by her husband, Raymond Eugene Hall, her granddaughter, Ashley Hall Wright, her great-granddaughter, Carley Jean Wright, her great-grandson, Asher Raymond Wright, her sisters, Sara Hernandez, Carla LeFleur, and Jana Joyner, as well as host of friends, and the congregational members of the Refuge Church in Red Hill, Alabama.

Friends & Family

Raymond Eugene Hall (Husband,) Nathan Wade Hall (son) deceased, Stephen Ray Hall (son) deceased, Carl Maynard Lyle (Father) deceased, Lucille Wilson Lyle (Mother) deceased, Sarah Hernandez (sister,) Carla LeFleur (sister,) Jana Joyner (sister,) Sue Hall Roberts (friend)

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