Lindsay Bynum

May 1984
February 2024


My beautiful, caring, loving, smart, baby girl has gone to be with her heavenly father. I miss her so much. Lindsay was a nurse and worked till she couldn't no more. She is one the strongest young ladies I have ever known. She fought till the very end, her body just couldn't do it anymore although she tried so hard. I know she is dancing in heaven knowing even at the end she will be able to help others. She loved her son, niece, and family. She was always about the kids. Her favorite movie was Steel Magnolias. She related to Shelby so a couple of years ago I brought a Magnolia tree home for her. We called the tree Shelby and she had a big pot. When moved, I brought her with us and planted in the ground in honor of Lindsay. She blooms huge flowers and is doing well. I look at Shelby and think to myself how blessed I was to have a daughter like her. Rest now my sweet girl, no more pain. You are free at last!!! Love you so much 💗 💓

Friends & Family

Dawn & Creighton, Lydia Hernandez, Loni Bazemore, Cortney Brown, Kevin Brown, Rachel Valenzuela, Tommy Hernandez, Madison, Kinsley, Riley, Unspoken

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