Lisa VanDeyl

October 1970
June 2018


Lisa was a strong minded woman who impacted a lot of people in her life time. Life wasnt always smooth sailing for her and her family, but in the last years of her life all the bumps were pounded out and love took over. Lisa has a wonderful wife, Katie Stevens, two children, Nathan and Christine, and three grandchildren, McKenna, Donald and Olivia. Her grandbabies were her pride and joy and they were all about their "gwanma". Lisa was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2016. She went through many rounds of chemo and always had a great attitude and an amazing sense of humor about all the changes that come with chemo. She was not ready to go, and boy did she fight hard. Unfortunately, the cancer was too strong, and it took her away from us long before she should have went. One wish of hers that was fulfilled was full body donation to Science Care....she gave herself in hopes of finding a cure. Maybe because of her, somebody else will have more time with their family. Thank you Mom.

Friends & Family

Katie Stevens (spouse) Christine Knox (daughter) Nathan Street (son) Patsy Fletcher (mother) Mckenna Street (granddaughter) Donald and Olivia Doyle (grandson and granddaughter)

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