Louise Principe

March 1937
May 2024


Louise was one of a kind, very strong-willed, and did things her way. She led a beautiful life. She had loving parents, a husband who adored her, and 2 great kids. She was blessed with 7 grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren. She loved life and loved her many friends. She loved telling stories, especially about herself, and always added a flare. She lived her life her way and had a very peaceful death.

Friends & Family

Her son was named Albert and her daughter was named Kim. Her grandchildren were Ashlee, Jamie, Jimmy, Jonathan, Jared, Kissie & Nick. Her great-grandchildren were Skyelar, Cody, Maddox, Olivia, Benjamin, Colt, Christian, Ethan, Audrey, Sofia & Allie. Her long-time friend for over 65 years was Eleanor and her nieces were Renee, Michelle, and Joanne.

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