Marc Robin

February 1948
June 2023


Marc is my dad and this is my family’s tribute to him. He was a husband, a father, a grandfather (Papa) to earthly children and to a heavenly granddaughter who I know greeted him as he went to heaven and gave her lots of kisses when he arrived (that was our deal). He was also a proud papa to our beloved pets. I’m not sure but there were times he might have been more excited to see the 4 legged kids, than adults who had them. He loved our pets like he was Dr. Doolittle and they were talking to him telling him things only he could understand. He was a brother, uncle, cousin and a son to in-laws who loved him as their own son. He was a friend, a printer, a singer, an actor, an athlete (in his younger years), and interestingly enough in the drivers ed club. For those who knew my dad’s driving skills would feel the irony in that one. Marc had a very interesting life and a lot of adventures in the 75 years he was on Earth. He made many lasting connections with people because he was a genuine person. He was one of those people who would give you a dollar when he didn’t have one himself. Because of his generosity in life, it was not surprising at all when he decided to donate his body to science. We joked that the people studying him would learn a lot from him. He left us with lots of gems to remember him by but most importantly his unconditional love that will last a lifetime.

Friends & Family

Ferne Robin, Sara Srebnik, Toby Srebnik, Bailey Srebnik, Riley Srebnik, Matthew Pritikin, Gabriella Pritikin, Lillian Pritikin

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